Our Vision

Our vision expresses our collective aspiration and purpose.

It summarises our desire to achieve the highest standards in service delivery, improve health for local people and capitalise on our world class expertise and research capability. We will build on our history of proud and caring staff, delivering excellent healthcare and outstanding performance.

Achieving local excellence and global reach through compassionate and innovative healthcare, education and research.

Our values were developed wholly by our staff and guide everything that we do as we grow to achieve our vision.

We care and are kind

We care for our patients and their families, and we care for each other as colleagues.

We have high standards

We work hard to make sure that we deliver the very best standards of care in the NHS.
We are constantly seeking to improve.

We are inclusive

Everyone is welcome here. We value and celebrate diversity, challenge discrimination and support equality. We actively listen to different voices.

We are innovative

We value research. We seek to learn and to create and apply new knowledge.

We are proud

We take huge pride in working here and we all contribute to our ongoing succes

Our ambitions

As a major NHS provider and highly successful teaching  hospital, we aspire to excel at a number of levels.  We need to maintain our ability to be an excellent employer and to provide outstanding clinical services to the local population in Newcastle upon Tyne, while  also delivering world class innovation and research which is influential on a national and global stage.  We need to be able to identify where – and how – we are working with different partners to have appropriate reach. Our ambitions are stated at five levels which relate to our activity across the Trust.

These are:
  • In our organisation – To be an outstanding organisation now and in the future, providing strong  foundations to support our regional, national and global reach.
  • In Newcastle – To be a full civic partner, contributing to the health, wealth and wellbeing of the city, and delivering integrated services.
  • In the region – To be an anchor organisation in the North East and Cumbria as a clinical systems leader and a regional provider of services, creating and supporting a sustainable system.
  • Nationally – To be a beacon organisation in the UK, leading and influencing service delivery and policy.
  • Globally – To realise our capability internationally using our outstanding foundations, enhancing our global reach.